Glass printing film manufacturers

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Glass printing film manufacturers

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Art glass surface back wood flower cartoon marble design hot stamping foil
Glass applications already prevails around our living zone, upon furniture, tables, walls and floors, doors and windows, and building interiors, etc.
With very high performance of adhesiveness and resistance against water and chemicals, this foil has provided solutions for industries facing difficulties applying hot stamping foil to glass surface.
High coat performance enables the durability after construction. Fast production using the stamping machine and the constant color identity of all production are the advantage using hot stamping foil instead of any other manner of finish on glass.
This product group will be developed in cooperation with customers to meet their specific use and performance.
Special Feature:
Very good against solvent, scratch, water, sunshine

Thickness of PET film: 25~30μ
Thickness of Foils: 55~60μ
Width: 640~1500mm
Temperature: 200~220℃
How To Test Hot Stamping Foil:
1. Put the hot stamping foil on hot stamping machine.
2. up the temperature to 150-180 degree.
3. take press by the machine and stamping on the materials.
4. See the stamping process and test the surface color are well .
5. Tear off the PET film left the color on the surface .
6. Take the products and put on some sheet .

Building Interior Material, Home/hotel decorative appliance , Etc.Glass printing film manufacturers


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